Charming Big Calendar New Lange Grand Lange 1 Brief Review

The five-minute digital clock hanging above the stage of the Semper Opera House in Dresden, Germany, represents the pinnacle of Saxony clock art. It was an epoch-making digital display at that time. Since 1841, the accurate time has been shown in the performances of each major music book until the audience in the last row can clearly read it. 150 years later, this clock also inspired Lange to create another world first: LANGE 1, the first mass-produced watch with a large date display. The large Lange date display is also the focus of the new GRAND LANGE 1 coming soon, just revisiting the history of this famous dual-window clock. ‘A clock that is clearly readable from all seats’-this is the order of King Saxony II of Auguste for the timepieces of the new Royal Opera House. 150 years ago, this royal order gave birth to a timepiece that was second to none: the five-minute digital clock of the Semper Opera House. This revolutionary design was created by Johann Christian Friedrich Gutkaes, a clockmaker in Dresden, a talented mentor of Ferdinando Adolf Lange. Together they created one of the earliest digital clocks in the world.

GRAND LANGE 1 and Semper Opera: Both are symbols of Saxony.
  This idea is born in response to demand. The space above the front stage is quite limited, and the round clock dial does not provide proper readability in a dimly lit theater. They decided to use two drums running in opposite directions to create a device never seen before. Hanging high above the stage, the hours and minutes are displayed through two ornately decorated windows, the latter being displayed at five minute intervals. This clock has made a great achievement, and it also made Ferdinando Adolf Lange take the courage to take a bold step to build his own watch factory. One and a half centuries later, the dual windows and mega numbers are back on stage to celebrate its brilliant rebirth. As the first production watch with an oversized date display, it was placed on the upper right of the LANGE 1 off-center display dial. This eye-catching design instantly became the focus of the brand, writing an important chapter in Lange’s history. Today it is considered one of the most classic watches of the 20th century.

GRAND LANGE 1 is shot in front of the five-minute digital clock movement: the large numbers are traditional Lange features.
  GRAND LANGE 1 is equipped with a redesigned movement for a satisfyingly slim design. The 40.9 mm diameter case (available in rose gold, yellow gold and platinum) is only 8.8 mm thick, bringing a harmonious aspect ratio. The dial of LANGE 1 is precisely and evenly configured, transplanted to this enlarged version, without any overlap. Lange’s product development staff’s insistence on the preservation ratio can still be found in the smallest details: Lange’s large date display, hands and solid gold decoration are all enlarged in the same proportion as the case. Although the thickness of the movement is only 4.7 mm, the power reserve of GRAND LANGE 1 has reached an amazing 72 hours. To save space, the movement has only one barrel. The hand-made hairspring in the Lange L095.1 caliber, carefully decorated and double-assembled by hand, ensures that the watch is always accurate.

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