The Piaget Altiplano Ultra-thin Watch Takes You To Appreciate The Charm That Crosses The Limit

(September 12, 2018) Earl of Piaget, the master of high jewelry and watch in Switzerland, joined hands with the brand promotion ambassador Hu Ge to witness the exquisite craftsmanship of the Altiplano series watch at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. The Sunshine blockbuster performed by Mr. Hu Ge was released, showing its elegance and charm, and interpreted the classics with Yves G. PIAGET, the fourth generation of the Earl family.

Pictures of the event

  Go beyond yourself and work hard


The fourth generation of Earl’s family, Mr. Yves Earl, visited the scene

 The fourth generation of Earl’s family, Mr. Earl Earl, said, ‘Always do better than required.’ This motto is not only the best interpretation of my great-grandfather’s work, but also promotes the Earl brand in this hundred Over the years, I have continued to exceed the important spirit of myself. ‘Piaget has always been pursuing excellence, and the spirit of innovation has made technological innovation in the field of ultra-thin watches, which has prompted the brand to create countless ingenious works of art.

 Brand promotion ambassador Hu Ge arrives at the event

  Lead the elegant style, show the model of gentlemen

 Hu Ge, the brand ambassador, Yves G. PIAGET, the fourth generation of the Earl family

Hu Ge, Piaget ambassador for Piaget, wears Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P watch

  Hu Ge, as a high-quality young actor, has always appeared in front of the camera as the perfect example of courage and perseverance of the audience. In the film, Hu Ge leans casually on the fence, the sun outlines his confident and charming figure, and the thin wrists of the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P watch writes Piaget’s simple temperament and elegant essence, showing the artistic life.

Event opening dance show

  Indulge in the party

Event scene layout

  On the evening of the event, the brand’s carefully crafted sunny beaches recreated the romance and elegance of the island, leading guests to gallop across the vast expanse of blue skies and blue seas to spend a pleasant sunny journey in urban life. The Altiplano watch in the display case shines elegantly and reproduces the sparkling waves of the blue sea under the warm sun.

Showcases in showcases

 Watch exhibition in display cabinet—sunny beach setting scene

Watch exhibition in display cabinet—sunny beach setting scene

 Showcases in showcases

Watch exhibition in display case-side of ultra-thin watch

 Showcases in showcases

Exhibition of ultra-thin watches in display cases

 Showcases in showcases

  Piaget watch brands have always put innovation and breakthroughs in the first place in design elements and become a pioneer in the watch brand. Whether it is the image of the brand ambassador Hu Ge or the style design of various watch endorsements, Piaget’s rigorous and superb system Watch craftsmanship shows the craftsmanship of the craftsmen and teachers under each series. Overall, the Piaget brand is constantly exploring more artistic possibilities and creating more beautiful artistic products.