Topped The Senator Glashütte Collection 39-59-01-02-04 Brief Comment

As one of the world’s top watch brands, Glashütte has always been adhering to the tradition of independent research and development of movements to make watches independently. The watches produced are loved by the majority of watch fans due to their excellent workmanship and precision. Glashütte’s product line is also very rich. There are tourbillons, moon stars, perpetual calendars and other models that represent the top craftsmanship in the watch industry, as well as junior needles at affordable prices. Today I bring you watches In the Glashütte hot product list, the number one watch for several months in a row, Senator Glashütte 39-59-01-02-04, why can it be number one? I believe that after reading this article you will be able to come up with the answer.

  First of all, let me introduce the overview of this watch. This is a classic three-pin men’s automatic mechanical watch. The case is made of stainless steel, which can not only withstand the years, but also the small scratches in daily life. The gold case also has advantages. The 40 mm diameter is a suitable size for most people. The blue steel hands and white dial are a common classic combination. The ancient Roman numeral time scale reveals a touch of elegance. This watch gives me an overall feel It’s simple and classic.

  The reason why it can be called a classic and simple design is also an important aspect. Some people like complicated watches. Some people like the minimalist nature after flashy. This Glashütte has achieved a simple and simple design. The function has basically been able to meet daily reading needs. The reason why it is basically satisfied is that if this watch has a date display function, it will be more perfect.

  In order to maintain the minimalist style, the stainless steel case is only surface-polished and no other modifications are made. Now too many impetuous urban people often need to remove the flashy essence. The Glashütte double ‘G’ logo is engraved on the crown, confirming the identity of this watch.

  The bottom of the table is fixed by 5 slotted screws. The sapphire crystal glass back-through design can reach 50 meters of water resistance. This is enough for daily wear. The pendulum is also engraved with Glashütte’s double ‘ ‘G’ logo, the iconic technology of the German watch ‘gooseneck fine-tuning’ can be seen faintly through the case.

  The 9.9 mm case should be a reasonable thickness for most men’s watches. Even if you usually like to wear a suit, it will look more conscientious. It will not look cluttered and have a wrist pressure at all. This watch’s 39-59 The thickness of the model movement is only 4.3 mm, and the thinner movement helps control the thickness of the case.

  Pure black crocodile leather strap is sewn with black silk thread, and it also uses a very practical black lining. The reason why the black lining is practical is that the leather strap easily sweats and stains the lining. If the black lining is used, it will It is more resistant to dirt. Of course, if you are a person who loves watches very much, you should change the strap in summer.

  The strap bears the ‘IRV’ logo. ‘IRV’ is the English abbreviation of the International Reptile Leather Association. As a member of the association, Glashütte strictly abides by the Washington Species Protection Agreement ‘Endangered Species International Trade Convention.’ All crocodile leather strap leather materials All animals are kept in captivity, and each strap has a species protection registration number. This mark not only represents the certification of the original strap of Glashütte, but also serves as a check by customs officers when entering the customs to ensure that the manufacturer’s source can be fully traced to ensure product quality.

  Watch fans who know a little about Glashütte can see that the movement model of this watch is 39-59 by looking at the product model, because the first two digits of Glashütte’s product name are the movement number. The Cal.39-59 movement is derived from the upgrade of the GUB 10-30 series of movements of Glashütte, which continues the ruggedness of the old movement, is more delicate and beautiful in polishing, and can provide a power reserve of 40 hours. The single gooseneck fine-tuning technology ensures the accuracy of the travel time.

Summary: At the end of the article, I want to put a poison is a close-up of the ‘blue steel hands’ of this watch. This model of blue steel hands also has a special literary fan named ‘Peach Heart’ hands, because its shape It is the ‘heart’ in playing cards, so it is called the ‘heart’ pointer. This is a German watch with a good reputation in industrial manufacturing, simple design and top-level workmanship and brand influence. At present, the official price in China is 56500 yuan, which is a man who the editor thinks is highly recommended. Watch.
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