There Are Five Rings And Track And Field ………

The calculation of track and field results is quite complicated. In terms of time, the athlete’s response to the start command needs at least a tenth of a second, and a response time of less than 0.1 second is considered a violation of the rules, and The final ranking depends on the momentary sequence of the body torso along the vertical plane after reaching the finish line.同轴 Omega Haima London 2012 coaxial chronograph: simple appearance and luminous coating for easy time reading, the back of the case is engraved with the ‘London 2012’ Olympic badge pattern.
Field events
The calculation of track and field results is quite complicated. In terms of time, the athlete’s response to the start command needs at least a tenth of a second, and the reaction time below 0.1 second is considered to be illegal, and the final ranking depends on the body’s trunk The instantaneous sequence when reaching the finish line along the vertical plane.
Cricket sports
Because of the large range of both hands, ball sports have higher requirements for the shock resistance of watches. Generally speaking, quartz movements have more advantages than mechanical movements in terms of impact resistance, but watchmakers will cleverly install parts that play a buffering role in mechanical movements to reduce the impact of external forces on the movement.
water sports
Water sports is the coolest item in the Summer Olympics. The watch must first have a water resistance of more than 100 meters, and the second must be able to withstand the strong shocks caused by intense sports and the pressure in the water. Anti-corrosion, so many new materials such as forged carbon, high-tech, titanium are used.
Equestrian sport
腕表 In addition to accurate timing, the watches used in equestrian events also need to have a beautiful appearance design, or simple or luxurious, which is the most ornamental type of watches with sports elements. It is worth noting that the case and back of the equestrian watch are mostly made of materials with low reflectivity, so as to avoid the bad stimulation of the horse’s mood caused by strong light.
Olympic Special Edition
专业 While professional watches have their own highlights, the commemorative watches with sports elements introduced for the Olympic Games are more practical for consumers. Recently, major brands have also rushed to launch commemorative models of the 2012 London Olympics.
Versace Character quartz chronograph: equipped with Swiss-made quartz movement Ronda 5040D, with precise timing quality. Bao Qilai Marion Long CentralChrono chronograph: Chic middle chronograph seconds and minutes hand layout, to ensure that the cumulative chronograph display is more clear. Tissot Rush 330 Tony Parker 2012 Limited Edition: The jersey number 9 representing French basketball player Tony Parker, orange echoes the color of basketball. Glashütte Sport Shockproof Chronograph: Designed for golf, four cushioning elements made of elastic material can absorb at least 60% of external force. Blancpain Fifty Flyback chronograph: The connection system hidden in the case makes the watch’s buttons perfectly waterproof, up to 300 meters underwater. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver’s Watch: The core of the movement uses an adjustable weight balance. Eight small weights make the adjustment of the movement more accurate and stable. Longines Saint-Imier Chronograph: The Longines Saint-Imier series named after the birthplace of the brand has always been closely related to equestrian sports. The Jaeger-LeCoults Polo Stadium World Time Zone Chronograph Watch: The dial is clear and easy to read, and the stainless steel folding clasp with safety button prevents the strap from unintentionally coming loose. Jakodro London-Grande
Seconde SW Steel-Rubber
Watch: Combining precious materials with natural rubber and Super-LumiNova luminous coating treatment.
Biswatch 2012 London Olympic Games Commemorative Watch: Inherits the modernist tradition of England, and integrates sports style design aesthetics in the British style.

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Casio Sheen Rose Gold Series Elegant Bloom

Are you still chasing gold and silver precious metal jewelry? Fashionable and elegant rose gold is the elegant choice for gentle women this season. The combination of rose gold not only symbolizes warmth and romance, but also heralds the arrival of beautiful love. It is sometimes fresh and sometimes glamorous. It can change with the wearer’s style, which meets the urban women’s diverse and elegant needs.

    Casio SHEEN launched the rose gold series. The simple design is embellished with feminine rose gold. Swarovski crystals are scattered on the bezel or scales. Every detail is carefully crafted to make urban women’s wrists shine. Three different styles, SHN-5000SG-4A is gentle and atmospheric, SHE-4022SG-4A is fresh and elegant, and SHE-4021SG-4A is small and exquisite, so you can attend any occasion with ease, showing gracefulness and softness. Water resistance in daily life; date display, etc. highlight its excellent functionality. Elegant and functional SHEEN rose gold elegant watch, blowing a romantic wind for this season.

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