Condstone Launches New Art Déco Women’s Watch

Frederique Constant’s most feminine collection welcomes a new member. This watch embodies the perfect combination of elegance, style and delicate decoration.

Delicate & feminine
   Today, large-sized watches have become a must-have for women’s fashion; however, Frederique Constant goes back in time, drawing inspiration from luxury social gatherings in the 1940s to launch more refined and elegant Art Déco watches. This watch exudes timeless charm, elegantly decorated on the female wrist.

Modern & Traditional
   The balanced combination of modern materials and retro aesthetics turns this watch into a unique fashion accessory. The smooth satin finish of the black strap contrasts with the seamless lines of the polished stainless steel case. The case has a built-in quartz movement and its oval shape highlights the delicate guilloché pattern on the black mother-of-pearl dial. The dial is decorated with elegant white Roman printed numbers and Breguet-style hands, presenting a classic retro look. Exquisite fluted rings and fine retouching on the crown (set with blue gemstones) make this watch an ideal companion for the perfect celebration.
   This timepiece is classic and timeless, detailing elegance and style, and Frederique Constant continues to pay tribute to modern women. The new watch is available in two options, with a satin strap for 920 Swiss francs and a stainless steel bracelet for 1,050 Swiss francs.

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Van Cleef & Arpels 2014 Fine Jewelry Watches Large

1. Van Cleef & Arpels 2014 High Jewellery Watch Awards

CVan Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels recently showed off its latest dazzling new jewellery watch 2014. Combining many traditional craftsmanship, the dial is given a mysterious hue like the deep sky and the symbolic power of the magic star. The delicate engraving and carving techniques are used to create a gorgeous relief pattern on the surface of fine gold, and the dial is plated with gorgeous colors using the filling and hill enamel. The poetic story told by the two watches not only goes beyond the magnificent dial itself, but also extends to the bottom of the watch, a new chapter depicted by engraving.

2. Sophie Masso’s Spring Festival Evening

On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in 2014, the two national treasures of France made a gorgeous appearance-‘The Kiss of France’ Sophie Marceau, wearing French palace-level CHAUMET Shangmei Paris fine jewelry, and together with Liu Huan sang a French eulogy ‘Life of Rose’, romantic French style for Chinese New Year. As the global brand ambassador of CHAUMET, this time Sophie Marceau specially chose to wear CHAUMET ‘Hydrangea’ series of high-end jewelry. CHAUMET Paris is well known for its heritage of more than two centuries and Sophie Marceau’s temperament.

3. Christian Dior Spring / Summer 2014 Haute Couture Release

This season, the spring and summer feminine charm created by Dior’s high-end handmade workshops has made designers and clients of Gao Ding feel enthusiastic. In Dior’s Spring / Summer 2014 haute couture collection, Dior Design Director Raf Simons turned his attention to a more hidden and unknown female perspective: ‘I want to focus on the intimate relationship between guests and couture. It’s an emotional experience, the connection between guests, fashion salons and femininity. ‘ What Dior wants to express is that the customers’ views on fashion are more important than the integrity of the clothes themselves. ‘The conference show also gave a new imagination to the relationship between the guests and the salon: decoration full of French medieval atmosphere, white lines, the combination of modern and original ecology echoed the feminine theme, and resonated with clothing.

4. ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ Paris Grand Palace Exhibition

The ‘Cartier: Epic of Style’ exhibition held in the Grand Hall of Fame in Paris, France, has attracted many celebrities and celebrities to visit it since its launch on December 4, 2013. The exhibition lasted for three months and was held on February 16, 2014. End. A few days ago, Cai Yilin, the queen of Chinese singers, wore a classic Cartier cheetah necklace and earrings and appeared in the Grand Palais in Paris to witness this feast of art.

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Ultrathin

The famous Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, who has always been known for high-end watch circles for its bold movement design, will release a new Master Series watch with eight patented designs, which will make people feel that after Basel 2014 , Its series will enter the minute repeater market. The two key words of Jaeger-LeCoultre “Independent Innovation” and “Excellent Performance” dominate the entire watch development process, successfully achieving the ultimate slimness without sacrificing its reliable performance, which is exactly the subtlety that makes this new work a model of watch .

腕表 This watch is equipped with an innovative tourbillon, a high-performance new balance spring, a peripheral automatic winding system, a retractable single button, and a new minute repeater with a ‘quiet time’ reduction system. The Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces are constantly being introduced, and this new masterpiece undoubtedly strengthens Jaeger-LeCoultre’s leadership in the field of timepieces.

6. Chanel 2014 Early Autumn Craft Square Series

Recently, Chanel Chanel’s ‘Paris-Dallas’ Advanced Handicraft Series show in the early autumn of 2014 was held in Dallas, Texas, USA. In the new series, with the deep and enthusiastic colors, combined with special materials, it creates a mature and stable early autumn. Silver lace and linen wool, opal-like arrangement, contrast, interlacing and overlapping quietly infiltrated, and reached a dialogue across time and space with the flourishing artistic trend of half a century ago.

7. Parmigiani METRO series unveiled at the Geneva Watch Fair

The top niche watch brand Parmigiani METRO series has been released a few days ago, and it has been confirmed that it will be unveiled at the Geneva watch exhibition Métro series watches to interpret the style and magic of large cities in the world. The entire collection includes ‘Métrographe’ men and women. They all use a rounded stainless steel case, and they all have elongated shapes, which are more elegant overall. The watch exhibits a modern urban design, which is more elegant than other classic works of the brand. Each Tonda Métro watch is available with a stainless steel bracelet and has been completely redesigned. In order to match the style essence of the whole series, and to achieve the perfect connection between the case and the bracelet.

8. Giorgio Armani 2014 early autumn women’s clothing

初 Early last month, Giorgio Armani’s newly released early autumn series has a very strong neutral atmosphere. Loose and loose trousers are its iconic items. The cropped trousers in the series still inherit neat cuts and lines, light-colored thin line plaid, white, black, carbon black, pink green. The tones are simple but intoxicating. Especially the black but silk satin tube top dress of last but one, the silky texture and smooth fabric lines make people breathtakingly hold their breath, and the soft and sexy fluttered.

9. Valentino Spring / Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show

EntThe first model of Valentino’s spring / summer 2014 haute couture show showed us the tone of the entire series. The show was inspired by La Traviata, with a light tulle skirt with the Italian opera melody. This Valentino show is like showing us amazing handicrafts: a colorful cloak inlaid with feathers and butterflies takes 550 hours to complete; a princess dress is made of more than 5,000 meters of gold and silver threads ; And a skirt with a very simple design, depicting the sight of exotic jungle beasts with quite expensive satin. This time Valentino once again showed the brand’s custom of gorgeous custom fashions and dresses, and it was amazing.

10. Prada Double Bag series launched on February 12

The handbag is made of leather outer layer and baby goat leather lining, which can be perfectly matched whether it is the same color matching or contrasting color contrast. What makes this bag lightweight and distinctive. The lining is made of leather. In order to keep the bag light, Prada has put a lot of effort in the industry to make the bag fit perfectly inside and outside. For convenient storage, a flap interlayer is built into the bag. In this Prada Double Bag series, it continues the tradition of leading design of Prada bags. It has both the same color matching, and the contrast of outer and inner contrast.

11. Longines column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch, a tribute to historical classics

Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, recently presented the Longines Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph at its 2014 Basel show exhibition.It is represented by the brand flying wing hourglass logo. Rich tradition kicks off 2014 Baselworld. The column-wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch is another eye-catching work of Longines classic engraving series. Its design inspiration comes from Longines’ long history of more than 180 years. The watch is equipped with a Longines exclusive movement, in tribute to the first chronograph watches created in the history of the brand. The preview of the three Longines column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatches are equipped with a brown alligator leather strap. Wearers can also watch the operation of the blue column wheel chronograph through the sapphire crystal case back.

12. Madonna appeared on the streets of New York in winter wearing a Bally AW13 pilot hat

1On January 23, 2014, Madonna wore a Bally AW13 pilot hat and appeared on the streets of New York in winter. She was full of energy and cool. This Bally AW13 Aviator Hat is made of luxurious soft leather with marmot hair, exquisitely crafted, showing the luxurious style of winter, whether it is sports or out of the street, it is a great item to light up the overall shape in winter. .

13. B & O PLAY invites you to share the spring selection

Recently, B & O PLAY, a member of Danish luxury audiovisual brand Bang & Olufsen, released four portable products. One of the most eye-catching limited editions of the Form 2i headphones has a three-button remote control function that seamlessly switches between listening to music and answering calls. The Beolit ​​12 portable speaker incorporates a leather full-grain belt in the whole, which intelligently balances the shaking and vibration generated during the carrying process, adds soft elements to the product, and further creates the outstanding features of the Beolit ​​12 portable. B & O PLAY provided fashion home sportsmen with all-in-one audio and video solutions at this conference.

14. Porsche Design 2014 autumn and winter series released

DesignPorsche Design is returning to luxury ski resorts in the Alps in the late 1970s with the release of its fall / winter 2014 women’s and men’s collections. Thomas Steinbrueck, creative director of Porsche Design. ‘This collection is wrapped in strong and protective fabric. The elegant and ergonomic structure is combined with the most advanced craftsmanship. Such as welded seams, illusionist texture effects, magnetic closure or technical decoration. Series Styled with metal or smooth surfaces, with powder and ice-like textures; all the details evoke the impression of the beautiful scenery of the Alps. ‘

15. Mido Helmsman Series Chronograph released

The Mido Helmsman series watch released this time continues the free and bold design style and inspiration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, while incorporating Swiss fine watchmaking technology, perfectly combining the breathtaking architectural beauty of the Harbour Bridge with the moving and sincere concept After looking around the beauty and warmth of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you will reside on this exquisite Mido helmsman multi-function chronograph watch on your wrist. Mido helmsman series multi-function chronograph watch perfectly interprets the alternation of day and night, letting energy and quiet go with you.

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Hublot Hublot Only Watch Art Fusion-news Hublot

Hublot specially presents the Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto watch co-created with Brazilian artist Romero Britto, and pays tribute to Only Watch 2015 with a unique artwork! The Only Watch Charity Auction, founded in 2005, is held every two years. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy to fund research for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

This watch art treasure is specially created for the 6th Only Watch charity auction, and it is the first time that the top watch and its inspired artistic oil paintings will be auctioned together, creating a precedent for the simultaneous auction of watches and traditional artworks all over the world! The Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto watch showcases the brand’s relentless pursuit of artistic innovation. The dial is filled with large open flame enamel technology, bold geometric shapes and brightly contrasting visual effects present modern art, and highlight ONLY WATCH with a unique perspective. Artistic font. As an innovation in aesthetic art and watchmaking craftsmanship, the Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto watch combines the ‘bright fire enamel’, modern pop art and cubism art in a square inch. It is amazing!

Adhering to Romero Britto’s usual style, gorgeous and colorful, the dial-making experts meticulously reproduce the outline of the work, and then press platinum on it to prepare for the next exquisite craft of filling enamel. The enamel master first grinds the enamel in a mortar, and then spreads it on the dial. The master must painstakingly mix colors. Loyal to the original as much as possible. The enamel masters strictly follow the method of Romero Britto’s selection of acrylic pigments and mix enamel dyes. They choose 6 opaque colors from 250 colors on the color plate. These colors are extremely sensitive to the firing temperature and it is extremely difficult to control. . Continuous firing at a high temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius, each color can be firmly attached to the metal. In the process of manufacturing the dial, it is a challenge to perfectly display the essence of the work with precision technology, and when the brightly colored dial is leaping in front of the eyes, the masterpiece of the world can really come out.

HUBLOT overcomes many challenges, and finally produces this masterpiece of masterpiece, which combines traditional craftsmanship with 21st-century technological innovation and interprets the art of fusion again. The Only Watch 2015 Charity Auction will launch a global watch tour on September 23, 2015, and a charity auction will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on November 7.

Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto
Model 515.CS.0910.LR.OWM15 (limited to one, not priced)
Classic Fusion case, 45 mm, black polished ceramic
Black polished ceramic bezel, 6 H-shaped titanium screws
18K white gold dial with large open flame enamel finish; Britto design
HUB1302 manual winding movement, small seconds at 7 o’clock

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Radar Launches A New Overall Ceramic Watch

Contrast between magic and light. The Swiss Rado overall ceramic chronograph real diamond series inlaid with precious diamonds shows stunning charm-a perfect interpretation of color contrast.
Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
   The dial, case and strap are made of high-tech ceramics. The whole body is black and deeply mysterious. As the iconic design of the chronograph series-three chronograph windows on the dial and a date window at four o’clock are designed as rings of different sizes. , Showing a distinctive artistic temperament. The superb design in the details is fascinating at first sight-four rings are outlined with sparkling diamonds, conveying consistency with the basic design concept.
Overall ceramic chronograph yellow gold series
   The enthusiasm is hot and shining. The new proportion design, the Swiss ceramic chronograph yellow ceramic series, the strong contrast between black and gold, highlights the essence of the brand. The iconic design of the four rings of the chronograph series, and high-tech ceramics bring extremely comfortable wearing feeling, which has become a classic.
   The dial, sapphire crystal, case and strap are integrated. All the components are cleverly combined, and the timing button only slightly protrudes on one side. Four rings of different sizes are scattered under the black metal-plated sapphire crystal. Three golden chronograph rings and a 4-point date window stand out. Like a comet, it is unpredictable, clever, and breaks the habit.
Integrated ceramic chronograph color function ring series
Each color has a unique sheen. A crystal was asleep in every stone.
Color achieves black, rich black, sublimation black!
   Black is the hallmark of radar, but radar never rejects color. Introduce colorful colors into the design, show magic in a small dial, and a sudden burst of fun. On the overall ceramic dial, radar designers play a color variation.
   As the iconic design of the chronograph series-three chronograph rings on the dial and a date window at four o’clock are designed into rings of different sizes, they merge like a mysterious and casual comet on the black dial , Showing a distinctive artistic temperament.
   Yellow gold. Rose gold. Lake blue. Malachite green. Rose purple. Whether it is a monochrome chronograph ring style or a gem-set style, these ten ceramic chronograph color function ring series are full of fun and show temptation. The yellow gold model is inlaid with 106 yellow gems. It is luxurious, enthusiastic and dazzling. The rose gold style is embellished with orange gems, forming a strong contrast with the black ceramic material, highlighting the essence of the brand. People are imaginative; the green timing ring is inlaid with magic green garnet, which is full of temptation; and the purple model is decorated with stunning amethyst, deep and mysterious. Under the magic of color, the dial exudes a rainbow of bright light. It’s like a colorful variation, leaping, pure, striking your heart. And this playful color highlights the black charm of the high-tech ceramic case!
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of CERAMICA’s ‘Integral Ceramic Series’!
New starry platinum gold extra large watch
   To celebrate the 20th anniversary of CERAMICA’s overall ceramic series, this year Swiss Rado launched a number of wonderful CERAMICA overall ceramic series watches, which are dizzying!
   This latest grand offering-CERAMICA’s overall ceramic starry series platinum gold extra large watch is pure and peaceful, sensual and luxurious. Turned into a wrist jewelry bracelet-dazzling and shining.
   The dial is mysterious and simple. The rectangular dial is covered with 414 expensive white diamonds totaling 2.212 carats, and the bright light is wavy and spreads on the date window ring at the six o’clock position. The superbly crafted metal-plated sapphire crystal covers the entire case and extends to a refined polished platinum-gold high-tech ceramic strap with a titanium buckle.
   Luxury diamonds and high-tech ceramics echo each other, and the architectural design is full of tension, bringing a visual feast full of tension. Kinetic kinetic energy. Perfection.

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Panerai Radiomir Tourbillon Gmt Ceramica-48mm Hollow Watch

Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica-48mm (PAM00348) P.2005 / s manual movement / black ceramic material / central hour and minute hands / 3 o’clock day and night indicator / 9 o’clock small seconds hand / 10 o’clock Flywheel / second time zone indication / 6 day power reserve indication / sapphire crystal, bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters
PAN For PANERAI, the Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica-48mm (PAM00348) watch may look a little different. Because on this watch, the novel mesh structure, hollowed-out barrel and tourbillon window replaced the sandwich structure dial that the brand has always featured, and incorporated a new style into the richness of Panerai watches. Military style.
Because the black ceramic material is used, the appearance of the model shows a warm and matte black, which is more restrained than the polished precious metal or stainless steel, but it is also more modern. The mesh structure of the same color on the dial, in addition to echoing the overall style of the watch, also needs to support 12 components such as hour markers and small seconds. In addition, people can also observe the structure of the movement through the mesh.
陀 Another highlight on the Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica-48mm (PAM00348) watch is the tourbillon. Unlike other Panerai watches, this watch intentionally leaves a transparent window for the tourbillon at the 10 o’clock position of the grid-shaped dial, from which you can clearly appreciate the unique operating posture of the tourbillon— —The axis of the tourbillon and the balance wheel move in a vertical direction and rotates 2 cycles per minute, which is also a unique feature of the Panerai P.2005 movement.

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Yu Wenle, A Senior Watch Enthusiast: Rolex Has So Many, But I Only Choose Antique Models

When it comes to Yu Wenle, most people’s first impression of him must be-Chaonan. For ten years like Hong Kong’s tide style, it is famous for sneaker control, and a Goro’s feather necklace that was worn accidentally on reality shows. All these details that the audience talked about holding a magnifying glass proved one thing: Yu Wenle’s tide is quite attractive to everyone. However, in addition to the above labels, Yu Wenle actually has another hobby that is also very eye-catching, and that is-watch exposure.

Yu Wenle
   Just look at his social networking pages, and you can see that all the watches are printed. Unlike other celebrities who like to buy the latest models, he is especially fond of antique Rolexes.
   Yu Wenle is really a loyal fan of Rolex. Various Rolex antique watches are on his collection list. To say a favorite, it may be the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona who has worn it a few years ago.

Shawn Yue, Rolex, Paul, Newman, Daytona attend the event

Shawn Yue, Rolex, Paul, Newman, Dayton, Black Plate

Yu Wenle starts with a black and white

Yu Wenle wearing Rolex, Paul Newman Dayton and taking the white plate

   And Uncle Liu also collected one each for a white plate and a black plate. It is common to attend film events and important occasions when making magazines. The original black and white face of Daytona was not much amazing at the beginning of its introduction. It was not until the old movie star Paul Newman wore this model in the ‘Dragon Tiger List’ that it gradually became known to the public, and then slowly Became the ‘Ken Ren’ in the eyes of collectors.
  The second place in Yu Wenle’s mind should be the first generation of anti-magnetic lightning needle of Rolex Milgauss.

The first generation of Rolex Milgauss started by Yu Wenle

Yu Wenle Ins Photo

Yu Wenle drank this Rolex Milgauss more than once

   Its appearance rate is no less than that of Paul Newman Daytona. This old model, launched in 1958, has a pink inverted triangle set at 12 o’clock and a lightning-shaped pointer, making it look irritating and unique. It can be reasonable to be a trendy male portrait like Yu Wenle.
   In 2016, when Yu Wenle was asked what the most satisfactory item he started with, he responded: a Vintage Rolex Oman watch from Vintage.

Rolex Oman antique watch is Yu Wenle’s birthday gift to himself

Yu Wenle Ins private photos

   In fact, this is a gift from Yu Wenle’s 35th birthday. The red double-knife logo on the dial is the national emblem on the flag of the Sultanate of Oman. This watch was specially presented to the SAS army by King Sultan Qaboos at that time in recognition of the British Military SAS stationed in the Dhofar campaign. No wonder Yu Wenle expressed his love for Ins more than once.
   If this is over, how can it be worthy of the title of ‘Rolex watch fan’? Yu Wenle’s antique Rolex, no more, no more …

Rolex Submariner and Ref. 5517 military watch made for the Royal Navy at the same time

Yu Wenle Ins private photos

Yu Wenle Po releases Rolex × Tiffany & Co antique watch

   In addition to the sun watch, Yu Wenle also knows how to highlight his taste in the overall modeling. Although T-shirts and jeans are his trendy men’s equipment, as far as individual products are concerned, Yu Wenle will choose simple and comfortable basic models. Finally, it was paired with a beloved watch, with a sloppy expression, and the iconic Icon appeared in seconds.

Yu Wenle Ins Private Photo, Basic T-shirt + Jeans + Rolex Watch = Trendy Icon

After reading Yu Wenle’s Rolex’s ‘record’, I immediately felt that the words ‘who can do more work’ are more suitable for him.

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Raymond Weil Tourbillon Cello

As a watchmaking brand that loves music, RAYMOND WEIL is loyal to its inexhaustible source of inspiration, creating a shining star for the Champagne Nabucco series, witnessing the brand’s combined watchmaking technology and cutting-edge Creative excellence. The current CEO of Raymond Weil, the grandson of the founder, Mr. Elie Berheim, is also an excellent cellist, and the Champagne Cell Tourbillon is a brand new work based on his creativity. This timepiece also created a precedent for luxury watch design inspired directly from the cello.

 Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch inspired by cello design

Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch with RW1842 mechanical movement

‘Grandfather’s love of music throughout his life, combined with my personal passion for the cello, are two factors that inspired us to design and develop the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch. This watch shows Raymond Weil’s expertise in watch design Rich imagination, ‘Elie Bernheim said. ‘In addition, the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch also reflects the many core values ​​of the brand. In particular, its inspiration is completely derived from music, and it integrates a variety of advanced watchmaking techniques, and finally achieves this unique timepiece. As the newest product of the Champagne City series, the lines of the Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch are exquisite and simple, which contrasts sharply with the sentiment and tenderness. The clever interweaving of watch components embodies the theme of the cello, while also giving this manually-wound movement alive.

Every Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch is equipped with an exclusive design case, which not only reflects the musical elements of the watch to a greater extent, but also inherits the quality and craftsmanship of traditional handmade cellos.

Inspired by the soul of Raymond Weil’s music, this new watch not only possesses rigorous essence, pure lines, and excellent performance, but also shows superb watchmaking skills and powerful musical expression. This is more than a coincidence. A deconstructed cello. The dial and case back are equipped with sapphire crystals, which are deeply infused into the world of surreal transparency and precision: the movement splint supporting the tourbillon escapement and main barrel is inspired by the unique F-hole shape on the cello The slim hands and the arc of the cello bow secretly match, while the lines on the bezel mean the staff.

Champagne Cello Tourbillon watch’s most striking transversal dial reflects the elegant theme of the cello

The most striking thing about the Cello Tourbillon in Champagne is the four slender strings that cross the dial and are located between the 9 o’clock and the 3 o’clock positions, combined with the F-hole splint to create the visual experience of the miniature instrument. These extraordinary musical elements were conceived entirely by Raymond Weil’s in-house R & D department, which was established by the brand in 1999. In addition to its aesthetics that cannot be ignored, the tourbillon frame also plays an important role in adjusting the accuracy of the watch and plays the role of the final compensation element. The visual aesthetics and technology guarantee the full display of this masterpiece. Raymond Wey Tourbillon skeleton watch. The tourbillon rotating frame is in harmony with the stainless steel and titanium case. Although the case diameter is 46mm, it has a light and comfortable wearing experience. The carbon fiber material extends along the black PVD coating on the side of the case, which completes the perfect finishing touch. In addition, this watch has a wealth of details that watch connoisseurs appreciate: the screw-down crown engraved with the Raymond Weil logo echoes the curve of the case, and the alligator strap secures the watch firmly On the wrist, these details add elegance and subtlety to this watch.

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Gp Girard Perregaux 2014 Valentine’s Day Watches Presented

Couple Watch

Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Women’s Diamond Watch
Crystal diamonds, elegant and luxurious
RMB 1,795,000

Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch
Classic design, outstanding performance
RMB 1,748,000

1966 Golden Bridge Tourbillon
Exquisite craftsmanship, condensing complex timepiece functions
RMB 1,378,000

Cat’s Eye Tourbillon Women’s Diamond Watch
Delicate movement, sparkling diamonds
RMB 2,530,000

1966 Slim Automatic
Timeless and elegant
RMB 143,000

1966 Lady 38mm Ladies Watch

Accurate rhythm and excellent performance
RMB 213,000

VINTAGE 1945XXL large calendar moon phase watch
Precise function, design ingenuity
RMB 114,000

Vintage 1945 lady watch
Elegant and classic, classic
RMB 98,000
Women’s Selection

Cat’s Eye High Jewellery Watch
Refined and elegant
RMB 9,200,000

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Hundred-year Rolex Will Carry Out Precision Timing To The End

Rolex, the world’s watchmaking brand, has persisted in its unremitting pursuit of precision timekeeping for hundreds of years. Through continuous exploration and innovation, it has interpreted Rolex’s hall of achievement, condensing wonderful time stories into minutes In.

In 1960, the Jacques Picard’s deep-sea submersible, the Yester, dived into the deep ocean at 10,916 meters in the Pacific De Marianas Trench. A prototype Oyster watch ‘Deep Sea Special’ was fixed on the outside of the submersible and dived into the deep sea, withstanding pressures exceeding 1 metric ton per square centimeter.
Rolex’s legendary history
Hans-Wilsdorf was born in 1881. As early as the early 20th century, he entered the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. It was an era when pocket watches were prevalent, and Hans-Wilsdorf had already begun brewing his watch dream. At that time, the timekeeping of the watch was not very accurate, and it was only regarded as a jewelry favored by women, with very little production. But curiosity and creative nature have made Hans-Wilsdorf see the huge potential of the watch market. He firmly believed that watches were equally beautiful, precise and durable, and since then he has been dedicated to fulfilling his dreams.
In 1905, only 24 years old Hans-Wilsdorf opened a watch shop in London, specializing in selling watch products to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. In order to convince the public of the accuracy and reliability of these innovative timekeeping, he equipped the product with a small and precise watch movement produced by a watch manufacturing company in Bill City. Stylish and athletic young British men and women love these gold and silver watches. In 1908, Wilsdorf registered a trademark name for his innovations-Rolex. The name fits all European languages, is very short, and can be easily printed on the dial.

With this move, Wilsdorf fully verified the outstanding quality of Rolex watches.
To impress discreet customers, Wilsdorf puts the quality of watch movements first. He has always insisted that the watch movement be sent to the official quality control agency for testing, and constantly improve the reliability of the watch movement. His relentless pursuit of precision timing soon made him realize the joy of success. In 1910, the Official Watch Rating Centre in Biel awarded a Swiss Rolex official certification to a Rolex, the first Swiss official to grant such a certification. Four years later, in 1914, Rolex was awarded a Class A certificate by the Kew Observatory, which was only used to evaluate marine timepieces. At this point, the watch has become synonymous with precision.
In 1919, after the end of the First World War, Wilsdorf established MONTRES ROLEX S.A in Geneva. The company is located next to the city of Biel, famous for its watch movements, so it has direct control over the production of watch cases and finished products.
In 1963, Andre J. Heiniger (Andre J. Heiniger) succeeded the CEO, joined Rolex at the age of 18, he was committed to the company’s early development of the market and the development of overseas branches. As a distinguished business strategist, Andre Heineg holds the fate of Rolex. With a wealth of industry experience, he accelerated the pace of development, comprehensively increased Rolex’s global market share, and eventually made Rolex one of the world-renowned watch brands.
Andre-Heniger is persistent and possesses keen insight like his predecessors. In the 1970s, Rolex actively participated in the development of the first Swiss quartz movement, but then unexpectedly resolutely embarked on the road of manufacturing mechanical watches. This decision fully reflects Andre’s foresight on modern watch manufacturing, and also prompted Rolex to push the development of the entire Swiss watch manufacturing to a higher stage. Andre Heinig also works to increase brand awareness. From the 1960s to the 1970s, Rolex began extensive cooperation with sports events, sports players and world-renowned artists. These collaborations also set off a wave of luxury brands joining hands in cultural and sports activities.
In 1976, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oyster Wristwatch, Andrei Heineg founded the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, which is designed to support new ways to explore and improve the world Outstanding people in all human living conditions and provide them with financial support. The rapid progress made Rolex brand more widely recognized, this is undoubtedly a gorgeous chapter in the company’s development process.
Hans-Wilsdorf was born in 1881. As early as the early 20th century, he entered the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. It was an era of pocket watches, and Hans-Wilsdorf had begun to dream about his watches-watches would be as solid and reliable as pocket watches.
In 1927, the young British female swimmer Mercedes Gleitze crossed the English Channel wearing an oyster watch, and when she reached the end, the watch was intact. With this move, Wilsdorf fully verified the outstanding quality of Rolex watches.

Rolex designs many world-renowned watches for some of the world’s most influential celebrities
Prestigious watch
Rolex designs many world-renowned watches for some of the world’s most influential celebrities. In 1926, the first waterproof and dust-proof watch was born, which is another important milestone in the development history of Rolex. This ‘Oyster’ watch has a completely sealed case, like a miniature safe, which provides the best protection for the movement. The following year, a young British female swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze, wore an oyster watch across the English Channel, and when she reached the end, the watch was safe. With this move, Wilsdorf fully verified the outstanding quality of Rolex watches. After this historic event, Wilsdorf published an advertisement on the front page of the Daily Mail, announcing the successful launch of the waterproof watch, and the oyster watch entered the stage of history. , And gradually swept the world. At the same time, this historic event also opened a prelude to Rolex’s invitation to legendary athletes to endorse the brand. Their adventurous spirit and extraordinary courage are the best interpretation of Rolex’s quality.
The Oyster watch soon had another feature. In 1931, Rolex invented the patented Perpetual rotor. This is a self-winding movement. Every slight swing of the wrist can be converted into the power of the movement, so the watch can continue to run. This system is the ancestor of all modern automatic mechanical watches. The manual winding watch is destined to exit the stage of history.
劳 For Rolex, the world can be used as a laboratory to verify watch performance. The sea, mountains and various extreme environments have become the touchstone of Rolex watches. In the 1930s, Rolex provided the Oyster Perpetual Watch to several explorers climbing Everest in the Himalayas.
早期 In the early 1950s, Rolex developed professional watches with perfect precision timing and excellent water resistance. As a professional tool, these watches go beyond simple timekeeping. These watches are designed for emerging professional sports such as deep sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and adventure. The Submariner, released in 1953, was the first watch to maintain excellent water resistance at 100 meters (330 feet).
These outstanding watches also inspire a long-term passion for exploration and sense of achievement. In 1953, an expedition consisting of Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Sheila, and guide Tenzin Norgay wore an Oyster Perpetual watch and first climbed Everest. In 1960, Jacques Picard’s deep-sea submersible Trieste dived into the deep sea of ​​10,916 meters in the Demariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. A prototype Oyster watch ‘Deep Sea Special’ was fixed on the outside of the submersible and dived into the deep sea, withstanding pressures exceeding 1 metric ton per square centimeter.

Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II
Rolex Achievement Hall
Rolex’s legend can only be completed by adding the Rolex Achievement Hall. The Rolex Achievement Hall is a series of non-commercial activities created by the Rolex brand, involving charity and education. In 1976, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Oyster watch, in order to commemorate the brand’s prosperous period, the company established Rolex’s talented generals, which was designed to encourage scientific and medical, innovative technology, exploration and development, environmental protection or cultural heritage. Visionary and innovative people, support their unremitting efforts to improve the living environment.
Founded in 2002, Rolex’s Creativity Recommendation Self-Help Program seeks young artists who show extraordinary talent in the fields of dance, literature, music, drama and visual arts, so that they form a one-to-one one-on-one with their masters Creative cooperation and mentoring relationship.
Persevering in the spirit of exploration and continuous improvement, this is where Rolex’s philosophy lies. Such constant persistence continues to inspire the brand’s surprise and innovation. Through the classic and modern watches, the eternal legend is transformed.
名 The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II watch, specially designed for marine sports, is the first high-end mechanical watch with preset countdown and mechanical memory. With this unprecedented superb technology, the Yacht-Master II can set a countdown from 0 to 10 minutes according to the sequence of sailing time.
Rolex’s global headquarters is located in Geneva. Rolex headquarters is responsible for all the company’s administrative affairs, as well as all activities related to the development, final assembly and sale of watches and after-sales service.

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Chanel Launches New J12

Well-known company Chanel continues to expand the J12 watch series, bringing a variety of novel watches. The new watch is different from previous models with a new moon phase display. The moon phase display is located at six o’clock, and the two-colored moon phase disc shows the position of the moon.

   There are two models of the new watch, black dial and white dial. The Arabic numerals on the dial are contrasted in color. The dial is 38 mm in diameter and the black or white dial is made of ceramic and 18k gold. The material of the strap is also high-tech ceramic. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House.

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